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pro bono Websites.

What I Do

... pretty much everything you need to launch your Website

Strategic Planning

If you have a plan, some ideas on paper, that's good. If you don't, I will help develop one.


I will provide or embellish your ideas and/or existing artwork.


The finished site will be fully optimized.

Web Design

I will provide all code for the Website.


On-site photography is available, plus you can use some of my existing photography.

Remedial Maintenance

I will maintain the site going forward, including free hosting.


...a few of my sites

Wood Sculpture using hand tools, located in the Hocking Hills of Southern Ohio

St. Joseph

Web Design - Photography

Catholic Church located in Port St. Joe on the Forgotten Coast

St. John School

Web Design

Catholic Parochial School located in Logan, Ohio


Web Design - Photography

Photography site focusing on sunsets with trees in the Hocking Hills & Forgotten Coast

Sunset Photography

Web Design - Photography

Port Saint Joe, Florida sunset photography

St. John

Web Design

St. John Catholic Church located in Logan, Ohio

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1F3 does pro bono web development including photography and SEO